The Voices of Climate Feminists in All We Can Save

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash
First two pages of the book from the chapter Begin

“As a scientist, I am both fascinated and shocked by how rapidly climate change is disrupting ecological relationships that evolved over millennia. But science also reminds me we are not powerless… We can help save ourselves, and the planet we depend on, if we’re willing to play in the dirt.” — Jane Zelikova, Solutions Underfoot, p. 288

“We can’t allow climate policy to be about ego and credit; it must be about collaborating, building on one another’s work, and elevating the best ideas we have to solve the biggest problem humanity has ever faced… In fact, it may be the unheard voices — voices that have been suppressed for generations — who have insight into critical solutions.” — Maggie Thomas, The Politics of Policy, p. 87

“The power of culture lies in the power of story. Stories change and activate people, and people have the power to change norms, cultural practices, and systems….We need more transformational stories so that we can connect the dots and shift narratives. The climate movement has largely left storytellers and culture out of its strategy toolbox. Now is the time to change that.” — Favianna Rodriguez, Harnessing Cultural Power, p. 123



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500 Women Scientists Philly Pod

500 Women Scientists Philly Pod


The Philly Pod of 500 Women Scientists is a grassroots organization founded in February of 2017 with a vision to make science more open and inclusive to all.